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Footpaths in Guilden Sutton

Welcome to the path bit of the Guilden Sutton website.

As a village on the outskirts of Chester, Guilden Sutton is linked by a series of footpaths including the Longster trail reaching from Pipers Ash to Helsby Hill. These paths provide a valuable resource for everyone and the information included here is to help make that possible.

Responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of these paths lies in the hands of the Cheshire west and Chester Council and to a lesser extent, the local landowners. The parish council (with the help of the paths group and warden) also deal with anything concerning the paths and are able to provide some upkeep and improvements to them.

Changes in the nature of the paths and the provision of cycleways reaching into Chester mean that these routes must be protected even more than usual. It is the focus of the paths group to monitor and improve these countryside rights of way making them an enjoyable amenity for everybody to use.