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Parish plan


Guilden Sutton Parish Plan


The Guilden Sutton Parish Plan is available here





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There is now a Parish Plan implementation group  Click here for their page in Guilden Sutton Action


Ronald Bayton
24 Cinder Lane

Tel:  301286


Roy Stewart Gail Young Richard Batterham

Trish Paterson
46 Oaklands

Tel:  300307

Mike Roberts Brian Lewin  






























A Steering Group was formed in 2006 to ascertain the views of local residents regarding issues which they felt should be addressed to maintain and improve all aspects of “quality of life” within Guilden Sutton Parish.
Questionnaires were distributed to all residents and the results collated and included in the final report issued in June 2012.
Since then, a Parish Plan Implementation Group (PPIG) has been formed to implement the recommendations from that report.


Bird in Hand support group Click here