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Arthur Willis photographic collection


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Vol Page Arthur Willis' Comments Year Category Ref
1 1 a Portrait of a young girl. Madge Coley 1932 People GS0101a
1 1 b Unloading sacks from barn With men at the war, Margaret Dutton and Nellie do their bit at The Byatts 1941 Farming GS0101b
1 1 c Portrait of a young boy Douglas Chaloner enjoys a butty opposite The Square. ? People GS0101c
1 1 d Portrait of a young girl with dolls pram. Rosalie Beckett, taken at what is now the Car Park, Church Lane. ? People GS0101d
1 2 a Sheep being sheared. Shearing time at the Byatts - Jack Jeffs, Margaret Dutton, ? and  Alf Eddowes ? Farming GS0102a
1 2 b Portrait of 3 people D S Willis, Margaret Willis, and Mrs D S Willis of Hall Farm. ? People GS0102b
1 2 c Farm horse and cart Alf Eddowes goes for another load of hay at The Byatts. ? Farming GS0102c
1 3 a Portrait of 2 people Mr and Mrs Harry Thomas of Pipers Ash. ? People GS0103a
1 3 b Family group portrait George and Nurse Jenkins and their family, Nance, Doris and Arthur 1918 People GS0103b
1 3 c Man playing church organ Eric Thomas. Both Eric and his father, Harry, gave a lifetime's service as organists at Guilden Sutton Methodist Chapel, as did also Eric's grandfather, William Thomas, died 1912. ? People GS0103c
1 4 a Photograph of Accounts Page List of Subscribers to Church Room Funds. 1915 1915 Customs GS0104a
1 4 b Photograph of St John's Church  St John's Church, showing George Jenning's cart and open village ditch.1930 1930 Building GS0104b
1 5 a Photograph of Church Room The Church Room, shortly after opening. Steps leading down over  and crossing the open ditch. George Jenning's haystack on right. 1915 Building GS0105a
1 5 b Large Group Photograph Crowning of the Rose Queen, Phyllis Jeffs. The two adults are Mrs Houlbrook and Mrs Kenushe, both teachers at Guilden Sutton School  ? 1932  People GS0105b
1 6 a Large Group Photograph A trip by charabanc to Blackpool ? People GS0106a
1 6 b Photgraph of a Steam Roller Driver Bill Harrison of Heath Bank and his helpers made agood job of our Guilden Sutton Lane ? Transport GS0106b
1 7 a Wedding Portrait Mrs and Mrs Joe Eaton. Best man Harry Dutton. Reg Eaton and his bride, Edna, at Stoak Church. People GS0107a
1 7 b Portrait of 3 Ladies  'Here come the Girls'! Annie Broster, Nurse Jenkins, Mrs Harrison. ? People GS0107b
1 8 a Portrait of Guilden Sutton School Children Guilden Sutton School. Head eachers Mr and Mrs Heeley. About 1910. 1910 People GS0108a
1 8 b Photograph of Steam Roller Bill Harrison of Heath Bank with his steam roller. ? Transport GS0108b
1 9 a Photogaprh of Workers on River Gowy. Workers on River Gowy. Names  linked to photo : George Ollerhead, T Harbridge, Bill Riley, Albert Richardson, Tom Anderton and Billy Harrison of Belle Vue Lane.  ? People GS0109a
1 9 b Large Group Photograph Happy Faces at the Bird in Hand. ? People  GS0109b
1 10 a Group Photograph In order : Mr and Mrs Woodcock, Mabel Anderton, Barbara Thomas, Mrs Edith Anderton and Mr Billy Anderton (later MBE). People GS0110a
1 10 b Portrait of Two young men Tommy Morris and Jim Blythe ? People GS0110b
1 10 c Portrait of Headmaster of School Gaffer' Heeley. Headmaster of Guilden Sutton School until 1933 pre 1933 People GS0110c
1 11 a Photograph inside St John's Church  St John's  Church, Guilden Sutton with oil lamps. Electricity came about 1927. pre 1927 Building GS0111a
1 11 b Methodist Gathering at Hall Farm Methodist Gathering at Hall Farm. Rev Reeves, Mrs Willis, Mrs Woodcock, Mr Dutton of The Byatts. ? 1935 People GS0111b
1 12 a Methodist Sunday School Teachers In the Methodist Sunday School. In the centre rear Rev Twinning, Alec Mayers, Eric Thomas, Lal Manley and ?. In the front Mrs Over, Mrs Gleave, Rosalie Beckett. ? People GS0112a
1 12 b Nelly Fishers Wedding Photograph Nelly Fisher's Wedding. Photograph taken at The Byatts, includes Mr and Mrs Dutton and Margaret. ? People GS0112b
1 12 c Guilden Sutton Methodist Football Team Guilden Sutton Methodist Team taken in the Methodist Sunday School with leaders Eric Thomas and Lal Manley. ? People GS0112c
1 13 a Portrait of 1st Guilden Sutton Football Team The 1st Guiden Sutton Football Team following the war. In charge of Eric Thomas, Alec Mayers, Lal Manley and Bert Thomson.  ? 1946 People GS0113a
1 13 b Portrait of WI Members Women's Institute get together at Hall Farm. Mrs Willis, Mrs W Dutton, Mrs Noble, Mrs Galloway. ? 1939 People GS0113b
1 13 c Photograph of part of Hall Farm Garden Part of the garden at Hall Farm pre 1945. Pre war, a typical Cheshire cheese making farm  pre 1945 Buildings GS0113c
1 14 a Train at Mickle Trafford Station Mickle Trafford Station. Methodist Trip to New Brighton 1911. Later on in the 1930's those going on the trips went by motor coach, going to Rhyl one year and to New Brighton the next year, taking it in turns. Both Church and Chaple had their own trips. 1911 Transport GS0114a
1 14 b Photograph of tractor pulling a dead cow.  'The Dreaded Disease'. Foot and Mouth. It strikes at Meadow Lea Farm November 19th 1967. 114 cattle were shot and burnt. Area cleared 6 months later. 1967 Farming GS0114b
1 14 c Dead cattle carcasses in field  'The Dreaded Disease'. Foot and Mouth. It strikes at Meadow Lea Farm November 19th 1967. 114 cattle were shot and burnt. Area cleared 6 months later. 1967 Farming GS0114c
1 15 a Post Office in House. Mrs Lily Leach ran the Post Office, Arrowcroft from 1973 until 1981 1973 -1981 People GS0115a
1 15 b Local Shop Keeper Mrs Facer came to Guiden Sutton as a young bride in 1923 ? People GS0115b
1 15 c Large Group outside the local pub. Mrs Melia and a band of Merry Men at the Bird in Hand. ? People GS0115c
1 16 a Photograph of The Byatts watering pit. Before piped water came, getting enough drinking water for cattle was a great problem. Here is the watering pit at The Byatts and Bert Dutton keeping a watchful eye on the Aylesbury Ducks  1930 Farming GS0116a
1 16 b Portrait of girl on bicycle. Madge Colley (now Mrs Trevor Dandy of Park Farm) all set for a spin. ? 1932 Transport GS0116b
1 16 c Portrait of Three People Reg Jenkins (Tunny as we knew him), Wilf Colley and Jean Speakman (now Mrs Rowe) behind Church Cottages. 1939 People GS0116c
1 17 a Photograph of Apple Pickers The apple pickers at Belle Vue Farm. Mrs Leigh, Nell Hughes, Mrs Peter Anderton,Mrs Tom Bailey, Betty Dandy, and Gwen Wiliams. ? People GS0117a
1 17 b Photograph of Home of Jack Stokes Jack Stokes, known also as Icha, at his home The Tile Bank, Guilden Sutton. ? People GS0117b
1 17 c Photograph of  Three Men in a Boat Cruising down the river. Tom Edwards, Des Eddowes, and  Vic Chaloner on the River Gowy by the Oxen bridge. ? 1934 People GS0117c
1 18 a Photograph of Three Ladies in Fur Coats Plenty of fur here! Freda Pedley, Mrs D Willis and Mrs Hibbert attend a wedding at Sealand Church ? People GS0118a
1 18 b Photograph of a Picnic How we all enjoyed a picnic. Edna and Cissie Manley take care of John Ashton, Wallace Chaloner and others. ? 1930 People GS0118b
1 18 c Portrait of Football Team Lal Manley and Sid Dandy with Guilden Sutton Football Team. ? People GS0118c
1 19 a Portrait f Mr and Mrs Dutton Mr and Mrs W Dutton of The Byatts. Noted cheesemakers. Mr Dutton was also awarded the OBE for his services to the county. ? People GS0119a
1 19 b Photograph  of two women on church steps. Margaret Willisand Mrs D Willis at St John's Church, Guilden Sutton. ? People GS0119b
1 19 c Photograph of The Byatts farmyard. The Byatts Guilden Sutton. A typical Cheshire farmyard made of cobblestones, which had to be brushed every Saturday so as to be tidy for the weekend. Note the pig outlets with central chutes to feeding troughs. ? 1930 Building GS0119c
1 20 a Photograph of Joe Woodcock in uniform Joe Woodock of Tile Bank served in Egypt with the Welsh Regiment 1914 - 1918 1914 - 1918 People GS0120a
1 20 b Photograph of Harry Edwards in uniform Harry Edwards of Church Cottages served in the Home Guard 1939 - 1945 1939 - 1945 People GS0120b
1 20 c Portrait of Football Team.  Another winnng Guilden Sutton football team with Eric Thomas and Freddie Dodd. ? People GS0120c
1 21 a Photograph of Jimmy Colley Jimmy Colley enjoys the sun at his daughters, Mrs Becketts ? People GS0121a
1 21 b Photograph of Jimmy Colley's grandchildren. Jimmy  Colley's grandchildren, Wilf, Madge,and Sid Colley at Chapel Cottages. People GS0121b
1 21 c Photograph missing Guilden Sutton School  probably 1929 1929 People GS0121c
1 22 a Photograph of Mr Chaloner Mr Chaloner of The Square  ? 1933 People GS0122a
1 22 b Photograph of Mrs Chaloner and children Mrs Chaloner of the Square with sons, Wallace and Douglas. Mrs Chaloners brother, Tom Archibald, was killed in the Gresford Colliery Disaster in 1932 ? 1933 People GS0122b
1 22 c Photograph of Ledger Page 1 of the Methodist Chapel Ledger showing the Foundation Sone Collection 1873. ? Customs GS0122c
1 23 a Photograph of Yew Tree, St John's Church The Yew Tree, St John's Church, Guilden Sutton, April 1983 1983 Building GS0123a
1 23 b Poem about Yew Tree A lovely verse written by a life long Guilden Sutton resident Polly Morris. 1983 Customs GS0123b
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2 1 Portrait Ronnie Stokes of Tile Bank ? People GS0201d
2 1 Portrait  Brothers Wallace and Edwin Challoner of the Square 1932 People GS0201a
2 1 Portrait  Vic Harris in pensive mood as he watches his football team 1979 People GS0201b
2 1 Portrait Church officials Our Vicar the Rev John Malbon with Frank Kendrick, Mr ? Bebington of The Arrowcroft 1979 People GS0201c
2 2 Cheesemaking Dick Pedley putting cheese under the presses at the Byatts. These cheese when matured weighed some 50 lbs. Each. 1936 Farming GS0202a
2 2 Group Football team Eric Thomas with another successful Guilden Sutton football team ? People GS0202d
2 2 Portrait Arthur Willis  1952 People GS0202b
2 2 Portrait A great worker for our village Hughie Plant and librarian for 25 years at the School 1979 People GS0202c
2 3 Ledger Methodist Church Extract of the ledger, Guilden Sutton Methodist Church dated 1873, the year the Church was founded 1873 Documents GS0203a
2 3 Portrait Down at "the Bather" Oxen Bridge. Vic Challoner and Tom Edwards 1932 People GS0203b
2 3 Portrait Mary Dixon runs the playgroup for toddlers in 1973 at the Methodist Chapel 1973 People GS0203c
2 4 Horse drawn cart Roping a 2-wheeled cart loaded with hay. Jack Jeffs, Alf Eddowes and Albert Hughes at the Byatts. ? Farming GS0204c
2 4 Portrait Jack & Sally Stokes with a new grandchild at the Tile Bank ? People GS0204a
2 4 Portrait Jack Stokes in his later years with daughter Cissie at the Tile Bank ? People GS0204b
2 5 Cattle Stalls The traditional Cheshire cattle were of the Shothorn breed, here tied up in stalls and milked by hand. The Byatts 1936 Farming GS0205a
2 5 Hay Cart Another load of hay at the Byatts. Jack Jeffs, Margaret Dutton, Alf Eddowes, Albert Hughes 1936 Farming GS0205c
2 5 Wedding My daughter Rosalyn's wedding at Guilden Sutton to John Fair of Pulford. Here they have to pay toll to our Mrs Facer and Alfie Eddowes 1973 Customs GS0205b
2 6 Church Room Built in 1915 the Church Room has played host to nearly every social event in Guilden Sutton. 1983 Buildings GS0206a
2 6 Portrait Vic Challoner of the Square and Eric Horswill of Belle Vue Lane ? People GS0206b
2 6 Portrait The gypsies used to come in their horse drawn caravans and stay overnight down the Oxen Lane. Here are two members of the Taylor family, 1948 who I am told still run a business in Birkenhead market. 1948 People GS0206c
2 7 Group Portrait Fred Broster, Tom Broster, Dave Nield, Harry Dutton, Wilf Colley, Reg Eaton. All true Guilden Sutton lads ? People GS0207a
2 7 Portrait Jack Melia, for many years a popular landlord at The Bird in Hand pulla a pint. He was also very interested in antique furniture and china ware. ? People GS0207b
2 7 Portrait Mr & Mrs Joe Eaton of The Hill. Joe did a lot for the church and sang in the choir. ? People GS0207c
2 8 Portrait Tom Broster and his wife Minnie of The Hill. Tom was cowman at the Byatts for many years after the 1914-18 war ? People GS0208a
2 8 Portrait Bill Colley of Chapel Cottage was a railway guard with the LNW Railway ? People GS0208b
2 8 Portrait Mrs & Mrs Derry Willis park their car on Mrs Browns field adjoining St John's Church, Guilden Sutton ? People GS0208c
2 9 Annie Hughes Hill Annie Hughes Hill showing Hill Farm in the centre and Tile Bank Cottages on the left. ? Buildings GS0209d
2 9 Portrait Reg Eaton and sister Kash of the Hill Guilden Sutton ? People GS0209a
2 9 Portrait Down at eh Gowy before it was re-routed. "The Bather" in th background. Derek Anderton, Reg Eaton, George Brown, Beth Colley, Gwen Colley, Nona Cilds, M Willis ? People GS0209b
2 9 Portrait Tom Woodcock of Tile Bank served in the latter part of the 39-45 war with the military police in Egypt 1944? People GS0209c
2 10 Portrait Our three lads again. Harry Dutton, Wilf Colley, Reg Eaton ? People GS0210b
2 10 Portrait The Methodist Church Netball Team ? People GS0210c
2 10 Tractor George Edwards does a good job among the fruit trees at Belle Vue Farm 1956 Farming GS0210a
2 11 Portrait Reg Eaton served with a Bofors battery in the Royal Artillery 1939-45      1940 People GS0211a
2 11 Portrait Coming to Guilden Sutton following the air raids Mr Gardiner was very fond of roses 1940s People GS0211b
2 11 Portrait Frank, Harry, Geoff, Alice, Hetty, Ann, Malcom, Rosalie, Paul, Kath, Chris ? People GS0211c
2 12 Portrait Wilf Colley, Tom Broster, Harry Dutton, Reg Eaton ? People GS0212a
2 12 Portrait Joe Eaton of the Hill trimming the Churchyard hedge ? People GS0212b
2 12 Portrait His brother George Eaton of the same address. George worked for many years with the Gowy gang ? People GS0212c
2 13 Portrait Ernie Stokes of Tile Bank, Guilden Sutton. Worked at Hill Farm until wartime service with the Gordon Highlanders ? People GS0213c
2 13 Portrait Reg Eaton, Lily Woodcock, George Brown ? People GS0213d
2 13 View Rainbow over the Byatts Cottage on the Hill 1950. View taken from the stiles and gate leading down to the Hollows 1950 Buildings GS0213a
2 13 View View taken from the same spot shows new Byatts Park houses and happily still the same trees along the Hollows path 1983 1983 Buildings GS0213b
2 14 Milk delivery Joe Eaton delivers milk to Church Cottage, Cherry Bank Farm in the background ? Buildings GS0214b
2 14 Portrait Mrs Tom Weaver of Cherry Bank and her father Jimmy Thomas of The Square, Guilden Sutton ? People GS0214a
2 14 Portrait Alfie Eddowes and Johnny Moore 1978? 1978 People GS0214c
2 15 Portrait Miles Gerrard after a lifetime of military service ran a shop in part of the Bird in Hand as well as being landlord 1900 People GS0215a
2 15 Portrait Reg Eaton and his bride Edna Walker after their marriage at Stoak Church ? People GS0215b
2 15 Portrait Tom Woodcock of Tile Bank served in North Africa with the 51st Anti Tank Regt. Royal Artillery 1940s People GS0215c
2 15 Portrait Allan Dandy of Park Farm receives his "wings" in the RAF 1940s People GS0215d
2 16 Building The Old Hall, Guilden Sutton, home of the Smithh family and one of the main landowners. Demolished 1966 to make way for Old Hall Park 1950s? Buildings GS0216c
2 16 Portrait Robert Cathcart-Smith of the Old Hall, died 1933 1930? People GS0216a
2 16 Portrait Mary Cathcart-Smith who survived him and left Old Hall to live in London 1936 People GS0216b
2 17 Portrait Lance Corporal Sid Colley, joined up in 1939, later to lose his life at Anzio, Italy in 1943 1940? People GS0217a
2 17 Portrait Fun at Blackpool. Joe and Ernie Stokes, Derek Anderton, Dennis Blythe, George Brown, Reg Eaton. ? People GS0217b
2 17 Portrait John Pedley celebrates St George's Day at Guilden Sutton School ? People GS0217c
2 18 Portrait Guilden Sutton School with Gaffer Healey and pupils 1930 1930 People GS0218a
2 18 Portrait Win Dare (now Mrs Tom Foster) ? People GS0218b
2 18 Portrait Mrs Joe Edwards, neighbours at Church Cottages ? People GS0218c
2 19 Portrait Rev. N Ball a very popular vicar here 1975 People GS0219a
2 19 Portrait Frank Gorst and Edie Dutton ? People GS0219b
2 19 Portrait Joey Stokes, Jabez and Ada Dutton, Ann's parents. Bob Dutton and his bride at St John's Church ? People GS0219c
2 20 Portrait Taking in the sea air a Blackpool. Sid Dandy, George Edwards, Dick Pedley, Bob Harris ? People GS0220a
2 20 Portrait Sid Dandy of Park Farm and his dog Bob ? People GS0220b
2 20 Portrait Trevor Dandy and Laurie Manley cutting oats at Park Farm ? People GS0220c
2 21 Portrait Tom Anderon of The Hill served in the Great War with the Cheshire Yeomanry and later in World War ll with the Home guard in Guilden Sutton ? People GS0221a
2 21 Portrait Mrs Tom Anderton and her grand child, snap taken on the Hill shows the pump and cistern ? People GS0221b
2 21 Portrait Mr & Mrs Tom Anderton retired to live at Upton and are shown here celebrating 60 years of marriage ? People GS0221c
2 22 Building Tom Anderton's house and garden The Hill ? Buildings GS0222b
2 22 Portrait Nance Jenkins marries Thomas Griffiths at Guilden Sutton Church.Best Man Bill Griffiths, Doris Jenkins, Eunice and Gladys Griffiths act as bridesmaids and the page is Rev Atkinson 1920s? People GS0222a
2 23 Building Harry Jenkins at Mount Farm at one time known as the Preaching House. Demolished in the 1960s ? Buildings GS0223c
2 23 Portrait Freddie Dodd of Tile Bank and Sid Colley ? People GS0223a
2 23 Portrait Church Garden Party. The Queen is Phyllis Jeffs, Emily Edwards as Britannia ? People GS0223b
2 24 Portrait Sid Dandy of Park Farm marries Betty Colley. Bridesmaids are Madge and Gwen Colley, Rosalie Beckett and Gladys Machin. Best Man Allan Dandy. Mrs Dandy, Sid Dandy, Tom Colley ? People GS0224a
2 24 Portrait George Edwards was to go as far as Moreton to capture Betty his bride and bring her to Guilden Sutton ? People GS0224b
2 24 Portrait Clive Speed as we remember him. A very popular young man ? People GS0224c
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3 1 a Portrait of two gentlemen. George Jenkins and Mr Bob Manley at St John's Church Gates. 1936 1936 People GS0301a
3 1 b Portrait of a woman. Mrs Manley of The Square. ? People GS0301b
3 1 c Group photograph, Guilden Sutton Church ######################################################## ? People GS0301c
3 2 a Group Portrait . Guilden Sutton Young Men's Club 1935 People GS0302a
3 2 b Group Portrait Pre War Guilden Sutton Football Club. In the  early thirties this team was top of Division One in the Cheshire League. 1930's People GS0302b
3 2 c Wedding Couple. Jabez and Ada Dutton of School Lane at their marriage at Guilden Sutton Church. ? People GS0302c
3 3 a Group Portrait . Some of our Guilden Sutton Beauties at Bramble View, Belle Vue Lane. Betty Edwards, Eva Manley, Win Fletcher, Berthe Hughes, Rene Strapman, Dot Hornly at Bramble View. ? People GS0303a
3 3 b Family Potrait Fred Dare and Sisters. Bessie Dare and Win Dare. ? People GS0303b
3 3 c Portrait of two people Renee Anderton of The Hill and her niece. ? People GS0303c
3 3 d Portrait of three people Jim Edwards, Vi Edwards and John Cox ? People GS0303d
3 4 a Portrait of two people Freda and Nick Pedley of Arrowcroft Road. Nick gained long service award for 50 years service at The Byatts. ? People GS0304a
3 4 b Portrait of two RAF men Allan Dandy of Park Farm and crewmate RAF during wartime service. ? People GS0304b
3 4 c Portrait of two people Alan Richardson of The Brambles, later emigrated to Canada. Did years of service on his father's milk round. ? People GS0304c
3 5 a Portrait of Jack Dare Jack Dare served in the Cheshire Regiment and died on active service in the war. 1939 - 1945. 1939-1945 People GS0305a
3 5 b Portrait of Ethel Dare Jack's sister, Ethel, of Church Cottages. ? People GS0305b
3 5 c Portrait of five young people. The front of the Methodist Church. Laune Manley, Jeff Cadowgan, Brian Paddy. ? People GS0305c
3 6 a Wedding Photograph Margaret Groom of Chapel Cottages gives a lucky horseshoe to lucky bride, Nancy Groom ? People GS0306a
3 6 b Group Portrait Norman Mulvey is the lucky man surrounded by so much beauty at the Church Garden Fete. ? People GS0306b
3 7 a Portait of Emily Edwards Emily Edwards in her black and white uniform at The Byatts. ? People GS0307a
3 7 b Photograph of two people Roy Speight and Gillian of Tree Tops, School Lane. ? People GS0307b
3 7 c Photograph of Mr and Mrs Willis Arthur and Marian Willis at Plemstall Church. ? People GS0307c
3 7 d Man on tractor Laurie Manley in the driving seat, Trevor Dandy and young assistant cutting oats. ? People GS03070d
3 8 a Photograph of father and daughter Little Ana Dandy with her parents, Trevor and Madge of Park Farm. ? People GS0308a
3 8 b Photograph of mother and daughter Little Ana Dandy with her parents, Trevor and Madge of Park Farm. ? People GS0308b
3 8 c Photograph of Dave Dare linked to next Dave Dare and his wife, Margaret, of Church Cottages, later built the house Boothroyden on School Lane. ? People GS0308c
3 8 d Photograph of Margaret Dare Dave Dare and his wife, Margaret, of Church Cottages, later built the house Boothroyden on School Lane. ? People GS0308d
3 9 a Photograph of cottage. Always known as Mrs Becketts, this was the oldest in Guilden Sutton. Mrs Beckett was formerly Nellie Colley. ? People GS0309a
3 9 b Photograph of Jack Colley Nellie Colley who was sister to Jack Colley, farmer and cattle dealer. ? People GS0309b
3 9 c Photograph of Methodist Garden Fete Methodist Garden Fete at Pipers Ash Chapel Fete. Alison Ince, M Willis, Mr Morrey, W Lloyd, Minister.
3 10 a Photograph of two people Hannah Hughes versus John Willis at Meadow Lea Farm 1957 People GS0310a
3 10 b Photograph of Tom Foster Tom Foster, who came from Woolleston, served with the Royal Engineers; and later married Win Dare of Guilden Sutton. ? People GS0310b
3 10 c Photograph of Sid Dandy Sid Dandy, of Park Farm, with Bob, his dog.The two well-made haystacks ensure a good supply of fodder for the cattle next winter ? People GS0310c
3 11 a Photograph of Trevor Dandy ######################################################## 1945 Farming GS0311a
3 11 b Photograph of a 'Charra' outing An outing on 'The Charra', this one was called Duchess takes our Guilden Sutton joy riders as far as Rhyl. 1930 1930 People GS0311b
3 11 c Photograph of Rose Queen Guilden Sutton Methodist Garden Fete at Meadow Lea Farm. 1953. Rose Queen and H C Groom of Belle Vue Farm 1953 People GS0311c
3 12 a Group Portrait of Plemstall Choral Society The Plemstall Choral Society 1927.  1927 People GS0312a
3 12 b Group of Footballers The Rev. Norman Ball referees a football match between Guildn Sutton Youth Club and the Bird in Hand 1978 1978 People GS0312b
3 13 a Portrait of David Dare David Dare as the Baker's Boy ? People GS0313a
3 13 b Portrait of David Dare, older David Dare also known as Dan Dare. He grew up to be a first class mechanic ? People GS0313b
3 13 c Photograph of David Dare's Wedding David Dare's Wedding. Tom and Win Foster. Jacqueline Foster. ? People GS0313c
3 14 a Photograph of three children Hear no evil ……..     Wilf, Madge, and Sid Colley of Chapel Cottages. The path behind went round to the Tile Bank and the pumps. ? People GS0314a
3 14 b Photograph of Methodist Fete Methodist Fete 1953. Rev W Lloyd and the Rose Queen 1953 People GS0314b
3 14 c Photograph of Mary Edwards Mary Edwards was never afraid of hard work, and like many women also milked the cows. Photo taken about 1926 at The Byatts 1926 People GS0314c
3 15 a Photograph of a football match Guilden Sutton versus Utkinton. 1967. Ernie Stokes lays on a pass for Tony cooper to score 1967 People GS0315a
3 15 b Portrait of three people ? and Sidney Smith and Willie Freemantle Smith killed ? 1915 of the Old Hall ? People GS0315b
3 15 c Portrait of two people Betty Colley and Rosalie Beckett at Chapel Cottages ? People GS0315c
3 16 a Photograph of Gwen Colley A  flower among the flowers. Gwen Colley now Mrs Tom Williams ? People GS0316a
3 16 b Photograph of People at Hall Farm At Hall Farm 1939. M Dutton, K Dutton, S Ward, Mrs D Willis, N Dutton, A Willis 1939 People GS0316b
3 16 c Group Photograph of Youth Club Guilden Sutton Youth Club at the Methodist Church. ? People GS0316c
3 17 a Photograph of three youngster Arthur Willis, sister Margaret, and Phyllis Johnson. Taken at Church Farm, Stoak 1927 People GS0317a
3 17 b Photograph of Mrs D Willis Mrs D Willis. Hall farm 1927 1927 People GS0317b
3 17 c Two photographs linked - farm entrance Foot and Mouth at Meadow Lea Farm - John Willis and David Groom 1967 People GS0317c
3 17 d Two photographs linked - dead cattle 19 November 1967. The dreaded reality. Dead cattle 1967 Farming GS0317d
3 18 a Portrait of Guilden Sutton School  Guilden Sutton School ?1931 Teacher Mrs Houlbrooke 1931 People GS0318a
3 18 b Photograph of Tractor and Trailer Cliff Dare goes to load up with bales of hay. Meadow Lea Farm 1966 1966 Farming GS0318b
3 18 c Photograph of Arthur Willis. Arthur Willis at Hall Farm 1935 with two pigeons for training. 1935 People GS0318c
3 19 a Photograph of road in snow Winter 1932. Hall Farm on right, The Lodge on left. 1932 Transport GS0319a
3 19 b Photograph of the same road  Spring 1983. Hall Farm on right. The Lodge on the left. Surely not still the same telegraph poles. The pavement follows the line of the old open ditch. 1983 Transport GS0319b
3 19 c Photograph of Horse and Carriage With the war came petrol rationing, and the pony and governess car again came into its own. 1942. Mrs D Wallis, Margaret Willis and Pauline Noble along Trafford Lane. 1942 Transport GS0319c
3 20 a Group Portrait of Women's Institute Guilden Sutton Women's Institute outing to Chirk Castle 1942 1942 People GS0320a
3 20 b Photograph of hay cart Bringing in the bales. Roy Speight loading, John Dutton pitching, John Willis driving. 1960 1960 Farming GS0320b
3 20 c Photograph of two men sweeping Making a clean sweep.Jabez Dutton on right and Roy Speight on left. Meadow Lea Farm 1955 1955 Farming GS0320c
3 21 a Photograph of Lorry Every Monday, pre 1939, came Alf Clay and brother Arthur to supply all household needs for the week pre 1939 Transport GS0321a
3 21 b Photograph of three youngsters Bel, Madge, and Sid Coley at Chapel Cottage 1930 1930 People GS0321b
3 21 c Postcard of Guilden Sutton This week's picture at guilden Sutton, the village which is in the news as a result of plans for re-development. 1968 1968 Buildings GS0321c
3 22 a Photograph of Mr and Mrs Dutton After 40 odd years at The Byatts, Mr and Mrs W Dutton retired to Tile Fields, here pictured (centre) with Mrs Dunne and Mrs D Willis. ? People GS0322a
3 22 b Portrait of Kathleen Edwards A lovely bridesmaid Kathleen Edwards of Church Cottages ? People GS0322b
3 22 c Portrait of three gentleman Alan Parker, Tom Parker, Arthur Parker of Stamford Heath Farm. ? People GS0322c
3 22 d Photograph of inside the signal box Ted Harris of Guilden Sutton, on duty, at Mickle Trafford signal box. He was later commended for bringing to a halt a runaway train. ? Buildings GS0322d
3 23 a Portrait of Hester Wilding Hester Wilding of Belle Vue Lane, now Mrs Ron Davis 1940 People GS0323a
3 23 b Group of three people At St John's Church Guilden Sutton. Billy Moore, Brian Eddowes, Kath Moore (nee Parker) ? People GS0323b
3 23 c Photograph of Mr Wilding Mr Wilding, father to Hester Wilding ? People GS0323c
3 23 d Group Photograph The Sunday School Extension at Mickle Trafford Methodist Church. Mrs Lawley, Frank Dennison, and J Temple MP ? People GS0323d
3 24 a Photograph of friends in car Revelry in Blackpool. George Stokes (driver) ? People GS0324a
3 24 b Photograph of marriage of Jack Stokes Jack Stokes of Tile Bank and Ann Philips after their marriage ? People GS0324b
3 24 c Photograph of Mrs Dare Mrs Dare of Boothroyden, School Lane and grand daughter, Ethel. ? People GS0324c
3 24 d King's Messenger booklet King's messenger booklet belonging Kathleen Mary Parker 1954 Custom GS0324d
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5 1 a Wedding - father and daughter Jack Broster and his daughter, Dorothy, at the Methodist church. ? People GS0501a
5 1 b Portrait of two people Bert Davies and Sally Stokes of The Hill, Guilden Sutton ? People GS0501b
5 2 a Family group Mr and Mrs Edgar Cooke with daughters, Molly and Marjorie, of The Hill Guilden Sutton 1937 People GS0502a
5 2 b Portrait of Tom Edwards Tom Edwards, of Church cottages, who later lost his life while serving with the Royal Air Force 1944 People GS0502b
5 2 c Wedding photograph Allan Richardson and his bride Phyllis Davies at Guilden Sutton Church 1961 People GS0502c
5 2 d Brother and Sister Brother and Sister are Stan Thomason and Winne Fletcher at Crucis Abbey, Llangollen 1974 People GS0502d
5 3 a Family group Ronnie, Winnie and Stanley Thomason of Post Office Cottage. 1934 People GS0503a
5 3 b Mrs Joe Edwards Mrs Joe Edwards of Church Cottages ? People GS0503b
5 3 c The Butler family Gwen and Mum in centre. Fred and Reg emigrated to Canada about 1930 pre 1930 People GS0503c
5 3 d Photograph of two people Jack Stokes and his daughter Cissie at Tile Bank ? People GS0503d
5 4 a Weddiing group Gill Dare marries. Bridesmaids are Sylvia Vickers,Phyllis Dare, Cynthia Vickers at Guilden Sutton Church. ? People GS0504a
5 4 b Portrait of two young girls Jackie Dixon and Tina Richardson by Sandhole, now called The Dell ? People GS0504b
5 4 c Ron and Winnie Fletcher Ron and Winnie Fletcher. Heathcote Cottage. ? People GS0504c
5 4 d First Guilden Sutton Girl Guides 1930 Gladys Machin, Winnie Thomason, Lily Woodward, Vera Tilston. Ist Guilden Sutton Guides. 1930 People GS0504d
5 5 a Photograph of Mr and Mrs Hughes. Mr and Mrs David Hughes of Cherry Bank farm. Later started the freezer centre. 1938 People GS0505a
5 5 b Portrait of Dorothy Broster Dorothy Broster ? People GS0505b
5 5 c Wedding photograph Molly Thomason's wedding to Tom McCann ? People GS0505c
5 6 a Photograph of two gentlemen Tom Bailey and George Eaton at Belle Vue Farm ? People GS0506a
5 6 b Photograph of Mrs Charles Mastin Mrs Mastin ? People GS0506b
5 6 c Photograph of two women Madge Colley and Mrs Nellie Beckett ? People GS0506c
5 7 a Photgraph of Jack Broster Jack Broster taken on a day outing to Blackpool ? People GS0507a
5 7 b Photograph of Maggie Broster Maggie Broster taken on a day outing to Blackpool ? People GS0507b
5 7 c Photograph of Mrs Tom Bailey Mrs Tom Bailey of Piper's Ash ? People GS0507c
5 8 a Photograph of the Methodist Fete Rose Queen Jackie Dixon and her attendants, Angela Stokes, Samantha Gorrell and Lorraine Shaw. The retiring Queen is Karen Manley.  1976 People GS0508a
5 8 b Wedding photograph Best man Arthur Wilbraham Bridesmaid Winnie Thomason at St John's Church ? People GS0508b
5 8 c Photograph of lady with her bicycle Mrs Tom Beckett by a stack of Jimmy Colley's hay ? People GS0508c
5 9 a roster Family group Mrs and Mrs Boster and their two sons ? People GS0509a
5 9 b Photograph of Joan Hughes. Joan Hughes at the Freezer Centre ? People GS0509b
5 9 c Photograph of Ist Guilden Sutton Guides Lily Woodcock and Winne Thomason of the 1st Guilden Sutton guides 1929 People GS0509c
5 10 a Photgraph of Eric and Doris Speakman Doris and Eric Speakman of Church Cottages. Picture taken at Tile bank. The dog's name is Pip. Eric was aleter killed in a shunting accident. ? People GS0510a
5 10 b Wedding photograph Jim Dandy and Gladys Machin at St John's Church  1944 People GS0510b
5 10 c Photographs of bridesmaids These lovely bridesmaids are Merlyn Evans, Betty and Celia Broster and the little one is Deborah Broster. The occasion is the wedding of Dorothy Broster to Hedley Evans at the Methodists Church, Guilden Sutton ? People GS0510c
5 11 a Photograph of Dick Spann Dick Spann came from Little Budworth and was the tractor driver at The Byatts. ? People GS0511a
5 11 b Photograph of two gentlemen Arthur Jenkins and Fred Dare ? People GS0511b
5 11 c Photograph of Tom Broster Tom Broster working at Teddy Knowles, Station Lane  193? People GS0511c
5 12 a Photograph of Mr and Mrs Jim Dandy Mr and Mrs Jim Dandy of Hill Farm at Kathleen Dutton's wedding 18th September, 1945 1945 People GS0512a
5 12 b Photograph of Jim Broster Jim Broster when he was in the Salvation Army ? People GS0512b
5 12 c Photograph in the Milking parlour John Hewitt at Hill Farm ? People GS0512c
5 13 a Wedding family group Sam Broster marries Brenda Wilding at the Methodist Church ? People GS0513a
5 13 b Photograph of Reg Jenkins Reg Jenkins in olive grove in Palestine. They lived at Church Cottage 1942 People GS0513b
5 13 c Group photograph  Rowland Humphreys, Bob Crawford, Humphrey, Gordon Hughes at Hoole Hall Nursery ? People GS0513c
5 14 a Belle Vue Lane in the Snow Charlie Boote, milkman, and Mary Dixon in Belle Vue Lane ? People GS0514a
5 14 b Photograph of Gordon Hewitt and Carol Gordon Hewitt and Carol at Hill Farm 1958 People GS0514b
5 14 c Group  in the Bird in Hand At the Bird in Hand, Charlie Leyfield, Steel, Jef Eddowes, Mrs Leyfield, Harry Dutton ? People GS0514c
5 14 d Going away photograph Edna Dandy and Norman Mulvey going away from Hill Farm after their marriage. 1940 People GS0514d
5 15 a Wedding photograph Arthur Bradley and Cathy at St John's Church. 1964 People GS0515a
5 15 b Photograph of Mr and Mrs Jim Dandy Mr and Mrs Jim Dandy of Hill Farm on their 25th Wedding Anniversay ? People GS0515b
5 15 c Methodist Garden Fete Methodist Garden Fete at Firdale, The Square, Guilden Sutton. Mr and Mrs W Dutton to left and on front row of picture. ? People GS0515c
5 16 a Large Wedding Group Photograph Sheila Griffith's wedding to H Telford at St John's Church, Guilden Sutton 1955 People GS0516a
5 16 b Photograph of Gladys Machin Gladys Machin at Heathfield Cottage ? People GS0516b
5 16 c Wedding photograph Ben Hughes marries Bertha Nield, November 1943 1943 People GS0516c
5 17 a Photograph of the Griffiths family Bill and Eva griffiths with daughters Barbara and Sheila 1954 People GS0517a
5 17 b Photograph of Alice Woodcock Alice Woodock of Tile Barn ? People GS0517b
5 17 c Photograph of Sunday School Trip Gladys Machin and Bertha Nield on Sunday School trip to Rhyl. ? People GS0517c
5 18 a Group outside the Methodist Church The Reverend  W Lloyd, Gill Speight, Celia Broster, Jane Broster at Methodist Church. ? People GS0518a
5 18 b Wedding photograph John and Irene Griffiths ? People GS0518b
5 18 c Photograph of Ern Nield and Kenneth Ern Nield and Kenneth ? People GS0518c
5 18 d Photograph of Eva and Bill Griffiths Eva and Bill Griffiths ? People GS0518d
5 19 a Photograph of Griffiths family group Eve Griffiths, Nance and Tom Griffiths outside No 3 Church Cottages. ? People GS0519a
5 19 b Photograph of Mrs Eunice Griffiths Mrs Eunice Griffiths ? People GS0519b
5 19 c Photograph of Nield family Mr and Mrs Ern Nield with granddaughter, Janet. ? People GS0519c
5 20 a Wedding photograph Barbara Griffiths marries Robert Pile at St John's Church, here with John Griffiths ? People GS0520a
5 20 b Wedding photograph Lil  Woodcock marries Bill Leach of Pipers Ash at St Jonh's Church ? People GS0520b
5 20 c Photograph of Mr and Mrs Les Over  Mr and Mrs Les Over, Belle Vue Lane People GS0520c
5 21 a Wedding Group Celia Broster, Cynthia Facer, Margaret Dutton at Cynthia's wedding ? People GS0521a
5 21 b Colour photograph of Mrs and Mrs Armitage  Mrs and Mrs Armitage at Guilden Sutton School ? People GS0521b
5 21 c Wedding group Jean Wilding's wedding at St John's, Guilden Stton. ? People GS0521c
5 22 a Group of four ladies outside Church Betty Williams, Bertha Nield, Ann Wilding, May Croft outside St John's Gateway ? People GS0522a
5 22 b Colour photo of Cecil and Lizzie Antrobus Cecil and Lizzie Antrobus at Friag Rocks 1964 1964 People GS0522b
5 22 c Photograph of Mrs and Mrs Barnes Mr and Mrs Barnes, Holly Cottage ? People GS0522c
5 23 a Photograph of Mr and Mrs Machin Mr and Mrs Machin, Belle Vue Lane ? People GS0523a
5 23 b Mr and Mrs Charles Leyfield Mr and Mrs Charles Leyfield, Licencee's of The Bird in Hand ? People GS0523b
5 23 c Group in the Bird in Hand A happy group in the Bird in Hand. ? People GS0523c
5 24 a Photograph of Jim Dandy and two horses Jim Dandy at Hall Farm, Guilden Sutton 1930? People GS0524a
5 24 b Photograph St John's Church St John's Church about 1930. Note the open ditch along roadside and George Jenning's cart behind the hedge 1930? Buildings GS0524b
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6 1 Portrait Nellie Hughes and Lizzie Harris at Blackpool ? People GS0601a
6 1 Portrait Brian Eddowes and Mrs Ethel Brown at Church Farm ? People GS0601b
6 1 Portrait Harry Jenkins wedding party 1905 at Bird in Hand 1905 People GS0601c
6 2 Portrait Guilden Sutton Football Team about 1928 1928 People GS0602a
6 2 Portrait Mary Morris of the Square ? People GS0602b
6 2 Portrait Edith Groom of Chapel Cottages ? People GS0602c
6 3 Portrait Walter and Peggy Groom of Chapel Cottages ? People GS0603a
6 3 Portrait Alfie Eddowes with Sybil and Joyce Pinchers at Primrose Cottage ? People GS0603b
6 3 Portrait No Comment (People in Charabang) ? People GS0603c
6 4 Portrait Elsie Jenkins married Alfie Eddowes ? People GS0604a
6 4 Portrait George Brown of Church Farm who died aged 23 ? People GS0604b
6 4 Portrait Madge Colley, Aunty Nellie Beckett (nee Colley) Rosalie Beckett by Jimmy Colley's Haystack ? People GS0604c
6 5 Portrait Else Jenkins with twins Olive & Clair Pinchers ? People GS0605a
6 5 Portrait Tom Spruce of Pipers Ash served with the 7th Green Howards  1939-45 People GS0605b
6 5 Portrait Dick and Florrie Spann of Arrowcroft Road ? People GS0605c
6 6 Portrait Nurse Jenkins Eunice Griffiths (Daughter) and Eunice Griffiths (mother) of Church Cottages ? People GS0606a
6 6 Portrait Dick Spann with Eileen  Sam Broster with Andy ? People GS0606b
6 6 Portrait Tom Plant, Mrs Plant, Hughie and Sybil Plant of Guilden Sutton Lane ? People GS0606c
6 7 Portrait Joe Griffiths of Church Cottages ? People GS0607a
6 7 Portrait Mr George Jenkins ans Nurse Jenkins of Church Cottages ? People GS0607b
6 7 Portrait Lucy Thompson (nee Broster) of The Hill ? People GS0607c
6 7 Portrait The Bungalow, Guilden Sutton later known as Heathcote. Mr Robert Machin, Mrs Machin and Gladys ? People GS0607d
6 8 Portrait George Griffiths(Cockleman), Madeline Richardson, Nellie Griffiths and Harry Price ? People GS0608a
6 8 Portrait Lizzie Wright, Eve Griffiths at Belle Vue Nursery ? People GS0608b
6 8 Portrait The 1st Guilden Sutton Guides 1930? 1930 People GS0608c
6 9 Portrait Jim Dandy marries Gladys Machin 1944 1944 People GS0609a
6 9 Portrait Nora Wright of The Hill ? People GS0609b
6 9 Portrait The 1st Guilden Sutton Rangers taken in the Church Room ? People GS0609c
6 10 Portrait Guilden Sutton Guides & Rangers in the new Guide Hut in Miss Bleckley's field 1938 1938 People GS0610a
6 10 Portrait Mr Ted Harris, LNWR Signalman ? People GS0610b
6 10 Portrait The Rangers and two Ford cars ? People GS0610c
6 10 Portrait Gwen Colley and Mary Edwards ? People GS0610d
6 11 Portrait Bill Harris on Heath Bank ? People GS0611a
6 11 Portrait Lily Wright of The Hill ? People GS0611b
6 11 Portrait Guilden Sutton Rangers- Ethel Wilson, Miss Bleckly, Gladys Machin, Miss Dobie ? People GS0611c
6 12 Portrait Bert Thomason, George Edwards, Joe Eaton, Arthur Bradley ? People GS0612b
6 12 Wedding Nora Wright, Tom Lloyd, Lily Wright at St John's Church ? People GS0612a
6 12 Wedding Edie & Doris Grindley, Rev CEY Kendall, Gladys & Eunice Griffiths, Nora Wright, Bob Ashton, Kath Eaton ? People GS0612c
6 13 Portrait Lily Wright  ? People GS0613a
6 13 Portrait Harry Groom of Chapel Cotttages ? People GS0613c
6 13 Portrait Madge Colley, Gladys Machin, Gwen Colley, Rosalie Beckett ? People GS0613d
6 13 Wedding Sid Dandy marries Bet Colley ? People GS0613b
6 14 Portrait Mrs Rose Machin in her costume for Chester Pageant 1935 1935 People GS0614a
6 14 Portrait Wilf Wright wed Kash Eaton of the Hill ? People GS0614b
6 14 Portrait Joe Eaton, Bob Harris ? People GS0614c
6 15 Portrait Ancient Order of Buffaloes? George Jenkins, Bob Manley ? People GS0615a
6 15 Portrait Mr & Mrs George Blythe, Rhoda and Dennis of Firwood 1926 1926 People GS0615c
6 15 Wedding Joey Stokes marries Brenda Roberts of Barrow 1958 1958 People GS0615b
6 16 Building The Wood' School Lane where lived the Kneales from 1956-1980 ? People GS0616b
6 16 Portrait Jack and Lizzie Wright of the Hill, Guilden Sutton. Picture taken at Blackpool ? People GS0616a
6 16 Portrait/Buildings Mrs Hazel Kneale of The Wood with daughter Heather. This snap was taken about 1960, shows the field now under Oaklands and the Council Estate not then complete 1960 Buildings GS0616c
6 17 Portrait Rhoda Blythe 1932 1932 People GS0617a
6 17 Portrait Dennis Blythe 1940 5th Batt. Cheshire Regt. 1940 People GS0617b
6 17 Wedding Arthur Large marries Edie Pulford. Mrs Pulford, Sam Pulford The Rev. Bernard Atkinson ? People GS0617c
6 18 Building St John's Church. Note oil lamps. Electricity came to Guilden Sutton about 1927 Pre 1927 Buildings GS0618c
6 18 Portrait From left- George Brown, Bill Harrison, Reg Eaton, Gordon Stubbs, Frank Povey, John Bailey ? People GS0618a
6 18 Portrait Paddy, Sam, Jimmy Barrow, Mrs Melia, Alfie Eddowes,Jack Broster in the Bird in Hand Yard 1949? 1949 People GS0618b
6 19 Portrait Bert and Rhoda Mort (nee Blythe) of Firwood House ? People GS0619a
6 19 Portrait Eric Thomas has a fine record of service to our Methodist Church 1935? 1935? People GS0619b
6 19 Wedding No comment                      ? People GS0619c
6 20 Portrait Dave Dare & Jim Lamb at Hall Farm 1920. Sam Nevett lived there 1920 People GS0620a
6 20 Portrait Mr & Mrs Alf Moore, Manor Farm, Hare Lane ? People GS0620b
6 20 Portrait At the Bird in Hand - Jimmy Barrow, Ernie Stokes, Mrs Melia, Proprietess, Joe Stokes ? People GS0620c
6 21 Portrait Harry Moore of Manor Farm and Alf Hopwood, Oscroft Hall ? People GS0621a
6 21 Portrait Bessie Moore, Peter Moore Manor Farm ? People GS0621b
6 21 Portrait Cliff Dare & Angela Lamb 1977 1977 People GS0621c
6 21 Portrait Dan Moore, Manor Farm 194? 1940s People GS0621d
6 22 Portrait The gypsies around their camp fire down thw Oxen Lane 1932? 1932 People GS0622a
6 22 Portrait Tom Spruce, Les Bromley, Eric Thomas, Alec Ellison, Ted Spruce, Hugh Plant ? People GS0622b
6 23 Portrait Andrea Dutton of the Byatts ? People GS0623b
6 23 Portrait Emily Edwards ATS ? People GS0623c
6 23 Wedding Wedding Group outside the Methodist Church. Marriage of Laurie Manley and Betty Threadgold ? People GS0623a
6 24 Portrait Bob Harris, Lal Manley, Sid Stokes, Laurie Manley, Pat Bradley, Alan Dandy ? People GS0624b
6 24 Wedding Norman Mulvey marries Edna Dandy of Hill Farm at Christchurch, Newton 1940 1940 People GS0624a
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7 1 a Group Photograph  St John's Church Fellowship gathering. ? People GS0701a
7 1 b Group Wedding Photograph Laurie Manley marries Betty Threadgold at Methodist Church. ? People GS0701b
7 2 a Group Photograph sitting on Motorbike Adults named as Tm Harrison and Ces Wilson ? People GS0702a
7 2 b Photograph of Two ladies Mrs Harrison and Nan ? People GS0702b
7 2 c Wedding Photograph Flo Thomason and Lance Jonas ? People GS0702c
7 3 a Photograph of James Dandy's Stall Market Hall, Chester ? People GS0703a
7 3 b Photgraph of a young man Bill leach ? People GS0703b
7 3 c Wedding Photograph Ces Wilson marries Beryl Harrison ? People GS0703c
7 4 a Group Photograph Betty Stokes, Freda Stokes, Denis Kelly, AliceBarrow, Agela Astbury, Anita Hucksley outside Guilden Sutton School ? People GS0704a
7 4 b Photograph of a Young man in Uniform Eric Thomas. Welsh Guards 1942 1942 People GS0704b
7 4 c Photograph of a Young Lady Betty Coley ? People GS0704c
7 5 a Two school girls in the farmyard Andrea and Sara Dutton, 1950s 1950 People GS0705a
7 5 b Photograph of a little girl Jean Littler, Heathbank. ? People GS0705b
7 5 c Photograph of two young men Tom Smith and Hughie Plant. 1938 1938 People GS0705c
7 5 d Family at a Wedding Beryl and Ces Wilson with sons Graham and Les ? People GS0705d
7 6 a Group Photograph of Farm Workers Foot and Mouth at The Byatts. Burying Slaughtered Cattle 1922 1922 People GS0706a
7 6 b Two men in oilskins William Dutton and Ministry Offical. Foot and Mouth at The Byatts. 1922 1922 People GS0706b
7 6 c Photograph of a schoolboy Bert Dutton. The Byatts House Farm  1930. ? People GS0706c
7 7 a Photograph of a young man Les Harrison in India. Royal Artillery 1939 - 1945 1939-1945 People GS0707a
7 7 b Photograph of a young man leaning on a gate Trevor Dandy. Park Farm ? People GS0707b
7 7 c Group Photograph in front of a bus/coach no caption ? People GS0707c
7 8 a Group of Young men Eric Thomas, Alec Ellison, Dave Ankers, Les Bromley, Tom Spruce, Fred Dutton, Whit Monday 1938 1938 People GS0708a
7 8 b Photograph of two people Bill Harrison and Beryl. Heath Bank ? People GS0708b
7 8 c Wedding Photograph Syd Dandy marries Bet Colley and has to pay toll for the priviledge ? People GS0708c
7 9 a Photograph of three children Potato peeling at The Byatts Bert, Kathleen, and maragret Dutton ?1929? 1929 People GS0709a
7 9 b Three young ladies in uniform Doris eaton, Mary Edwards, Gwen Colley at The Byatts ? People GS0709b
7 9 c Photograph of Young man Sgt.Hughie Plant RAF 1939 - 1945 1939 - 1945 People GS0709c
7 10 a Group Wedding Photgraph Jim Dandy marries Gladys Machin 1944. Tile Bank Cottages in the background. 1944 People GS0710a
7 10 b Photograph of a couple Mr and Mrs Harrison. Heath Bank. ? People GS0710b
7 10 c Photograph of a bread van Mr George Eckersley, Guilden Sutton Lane ? People GS0710c
7 11 a Photograph of Ladies and babies Mrs Sheila Dutton (nee Ward) and Mrs Kathleen Brereton (nee Dutton) at The Byatts. ? People GS0711a
7 11 b Photograph of Tom Broster  Tom Broster of The Hill ? People GS0711b
7 11 c Photograph of Hilda Manley Hilda Manley (nee Colley) ? People GS0711c
7 12 a Guests at a Wedding St John's Church September 18th 1945 at Kathleen Dutton's wedding. 1945 People GS0712a
7 12 b Wedding Guests Plemstall Church. Mr and Mrs Dutton and Myles. ? People GS0712b
7 12 c Footballer in action Harry Threadgold played goalkeeper for Chester FC ? People GS0712c
7 13 a Photograph of a Couple Beryl and Ces Wilson  ? People GS0713a
7 13 b Wedding Couple  Norman and Jean Littler ? People GS0713b
7 13 c Three young Children Andrea, Caroline and Sara Dutton at The Byatts ? People GS0713c
7 14 a Sheep Shearing Sheep Shearing at The Byatts 1942? Tom Broster, Mary Fisher, S. Ward, Dick Pedley 1942 People GS0714a
7 14 b Photograph of two young men Bill Thomas and Ted Spruce Heath Bank ? People GS0714b
7 14 c Portrait of Hilda Thompson Hilda Thompson. Tile Bank. ? People GS0714c
7 15 a Wedding Group Alice Barrow (Woodcock) ? People GS0715a
7 15 b Young lad on bicycle Terry Dandy, Belle Vue Lane ? People GS0715b
7 15 c Syd Dandy Syd Dandy . Park Farm with a good bay of corn. ? Farming GS0715c
7 16 a Two people in a garden Dorothy Groom (nee Barker) and Margaret Dutton at The Byatts. ? People GS0716a
7 16 b Photograph of Milking Competition Hand Milking Competition at The Byatts 1928 1928 Farming GS0716b
7 16 c Wedding Couple Jimmy Stanley marries Alice barrow ? People GS0716c
7 17 a Group in Church Room Lucy Cooper Mrs W Dutton in Chucrh Room ? People GS0717a
7 17 b Young man by a Tractor David Wlliams of Windy Nook at Park Farm ? People GS0717b
7 17 c Mr and Mrs Dandy Mr and Mrs Dandy. Byatts Farm ? People GS0717c
7 18 a Group of Young people at The Byatts front: H Dutton, M. Dutton, K Dutton. Rear: ? Jinny Stokes, Muss Castle, cheese maker 1935 at The Byatt 1935 People GS0718a
7 18 b Father and son Syd Dandy and  father Syd Dandy ? People GS0718b
7 18 c Picture of a Couple only caption Bill Harrison ? People GS0718c
7 19 a Red Cross Unifrom Mrs Dutton of The Byatts in the Red Cross World War 1 1914 -1918 People GS0719a
7 19 b Photograph of Tom Harrison Tom Harrison. Heath Bank. ? People GS0719b
7 19 c Two Young Women Beryl Kendall of the Vicarage and Margaret Dutton of The Byatts ? People GS0719c
7 20 a Young boy on bicycle Terry Dandy, Belle Vue Lane 1947 1947 People GS0720a
7 20 b Wedding Custom An old Guilden Sutton custom is that any young swain coming to wed a Guilden Sutton girl has to pay a toll before he takes her away. Here Gary Fair of Brookside, Pulford pays to Take Margaret Dutton of The Byatts. ? People GS0720b
7 20 c Sheep Shearing Sheep Shearing at The Byatts 1942?  S. Ward and  Dick Pedley 1942 People GS0720c
7 21 a Wedding Couple H Dutton marries S Ward ? People GS0721a
7 21 b Fancy Dress Fancy Dress on The Byatts lawn. ? People GS0721b
7 21 c Group of 4 gentlemen W Dutton, Alec Divine, D S Willis, G Barry ? People GS0721c
7 22 a Two people Rev Hugh J Allen and Mary Barrow at Church Farm. 1943? (very faded photo) 1943 People GS0722a
7 22 b Mrs D Willis  Mrs D Willis, Hall Farm ? People GS0722b
7 22 c Children in Fancy Dress Caroline Dutton at The Byatts. ? People GS0722c
7 23 a Group Photograph in front of Bus  Just a few named: Russell Facer, Mrs Facer, Chris Stokes, Maggie Broster, Jinny, Ted Stokes. ? People GS0723a
7 23 b Bill Harrison Bill Harrison. St john's Ambulance Brigade. ? People GS0723b
7 23 c M Willis M Willis WAAF 1939 - 1945 People GS0723c
7 24 a Wedding Group with Horse and Cart. Harry Jenkins marries Martha Weston. Three people named : George Jenkins, Miles Gerrard, Ted Anderton ? People GS0724a
7 24 b Wedding Photograph Lydia Facer, John Fair, Rosalyn Willis, Alfie Eddowes at St John's Church 1973 1973 People GS0724b.
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8 1 Notice Victory Celebrations Notice 1946 Document GS0801a
8 1 Portrait Miss Mary Garnett of Chester who later married Robert Cathcart Smith of Old Hall, Guilden Sutton ? People GS0801b
8 1 Portrait Bill and Ena Hall of Arrowcroft Road. Pictured at Blackpool 1969 1969 People GS0801c
8 2 Building Guilden Sutton Ex LNWR Signal Box situated near Pipers Ash. Demolished 1960s ? Buildings GS0802c
8 2 Portrait Mr David Hughes outside his shop Northgate Street Chester 193? 193? People GS0802a
8 2 Portrait Mr Hugh Gaskell Taylor of the Lodge, Guilden Sutton. ARP Warden 1939-45 Civil Defence 1939-45 People GS0802b
8 2 Portrait Alderman W Dutton MBE, JP of the Byatts ? People GS0802d
8 3 Building Feeding time at the Byatts Farm. Ted Stokes with his large mash barrow 1930s 1930s Buildings GS0803a
8 3 Portrait Frank Jenkins, signalman at Dunham Hill LNWR Station and later at Mickle Trafford ? People GS0803b
8 3 Portrait Lt. Comm. Patrick G Taylor of The Lodge, Indian Royal Navy. Garlanded when Britain gave independence to India 1946 People GS0803c
8 4 Building Ex Cherry Bank Farm now the Deep Freeze Centre DW Hughes & Co. Picture taken 1956 1956 Buildings GS0804c
8 4 Notice Notice of Lodge Annual Dinner 1900 1900 Document GS0804b
8 4 Portrait Ena Hall nee Antrobus ? People GS0804a
8 5 Building Mrs Beckett's or then Jimmy Colley's Farm 1920 1920 Buildings GS0805b
8 5 Building St John's Church, Guilden Sutton 1920 1920 Buildings GS0805c
8 5 Portrait The Beast of the Year Award Jos.Wright & Co Auction. Tommy Walsh, Peter W Hughes, David W Hughes, Webster 1971 1971 People GS0805a
8 6 Building The Lodge, School Lane. Home of the Gaskell-Taylors 1913 1913 Buildings GS0806a
8 6 Portrait Guilden Sutton CofE School. Mrs Phyllis Dunning who taught there for 22 years. Mrs Celia Armitage, Headmistress ? People GS0806b
8 7 Portrait Officers of The 6th Cheshire Home Guard later to become 71st Cheshire Home Guard, Light Anti-Aircraft 492 Battery RA. H Dutton, The Byatts, E Rowlands, Newhouse Farm, L Galloway, The Croft ? People GS0807a
8 7 Portrait Kathleen Dutton of the Byatts House Farm winning a race, Jubilee 1935 1935 People GS0807b
8 8 Building The extensive front grounds of The Lodge 1920 1920 Buildings GS0808b
8 8 Building A rear view of The Lodge 1920 1920 Buildings GS0808c
8 8 Portrait Mr and Mrs Hugh Gaskell-Taylor and son Patrick, The Lodge, Guilden Sutton, 1920 1920 People GS0808a
8 9 Building A scene at the Byatts House Farm. Kathleen and Margaret Dutton ? People GS0809b
8 9 Portrait Rhoda Mort (nee Blythe) of Firwood House, Guilden Sutton Lane. Guilden Sutton Women's Institute produce entry to Cheshire Show 1963 1963 People GS0809a
8 10 Building Known as Mrs Becketts' or Jimmy Colley's Farm. Mrs Beckett was Nellie, daughter of Jimmy Colley, she later married Tom Beckett. Picture taken 1920 1920 Buildings GS0810a
8 10 Building Another view of Mrs Becketts, taken from the road hedge. Also seen is the end of the Church Cottages 1920 1920 Buildings GS0810b
8 11 Building The Wicker Lane Guilden Sutton 1919. The house in the background is The Gables where lived the Griffiths, Corn Millers 1919 Buildings GS0811a
8 11 Building The Hall, Guilden Sutton where lived Mr & Mrs DS Willis 1920. Picture taken from the rear of the garden of the Lodge just across the road 1920 Buildings GS0811b
8 11 Building Mrs Becketts, Guilden Sutton built 1734 of wattle and daub, picture dated about 1912. Now the site of Car Park 1912 Buildings GS0811c
8 12 Building The out buildings of Hill Farm, now known as Tile Barn (1985). Picture taken from Tile Fields 1978? 1978 Buildings GS0812b
8 12 Portrait The Guilden Sutton Girl Guides 1976? 1976 People GS0812a
8 13 Building The Brambles, Belle Vue Lane where lived Charlie Horswill who had a slaughterhouse there. Later Albert Richardson produced milk here supplying all Guilden Sutton ? Buildings GS0813c
8 13 Portrait The two pictures show Mr & Mrs Wilding when they lived at Belle Vue Cottages down the lane formerly known as Ishban Lane as recorded by the Guilden Sutton Parish Council ? People GS0813a
8 13 Portrait The two pictures show Mr & Mrs Wilding when they lived at Belle Vue Cottages down the lane formerly known as Ishban Lane as recorded by the Guilden Sutton Parish Council ? People GS0813b
8 14 Portrait Rear Keith Astbury, Malcolm Wilding and Peter Over. Front David and Ken Williams, Mary Humphries, Chum the dog and John Horswill ? People GS0814a
8 14 Portrait Mr & Mrs Joe Groome as Mayor and Mayoress of Ellesmere Port 1958-9 1958 People GS0814b
8 14 Portrait 35 years a Councillor, 50 years a Methodist Preacher, Joe Groome of Chapel Cottage, Guilden Sutton ? People GS0814c
8 15 Portrait Mrs Olive Cooke with daughter Marjorie of the Hill, Guilden Sutton. Picture was taken on the Chapel trip to Rhyl ? People GS0815a
8 15 Portrait Guilden Sutton Wanderers who last week failed to break Crosvilles' unbeaten run in Section C of the Sunday League ? People GS0815b
8 16 Building The Hall, Guilden Sutton with Mrs Gaskell-Taylor of the Lodge on the way to Church 1950 1950 Buildings GS0816b
8 16 Helicopter Contractor's helicopter lands at Guilden Sutton 1970. The Oaklands. The trees behind are along the footpath up to Belle Vue. 1970 Misc GS0816a
8 16 Portrait In the Lodge Garden 1920. Miss Betty Cathcart-Smith, Mrs Mary Cathcart-Smith, Mrs Gaskell- Taylor, Miss Catherine Cathcart-Smith 1920 People GS0816c
8 17 Building Looking down the Porter's Hill 1919. Hall Farm is behind the trees in the centre and on the right is seen the front entrance to the Lodge 1919 Buildings GS0817a
8 17 Building Mill Cottage, Mickle Trafford with Mr & Mrs Fred Wright. This was formerly the Toll Bar House and in front can be seen the platform scales ? Buildings GS0817b
8 18 Newspaper Cutting Steam train at Mickle Trafford Station 1951 1951 Misc GS0818a
8 18 Portrait Mrs CH Willis and Margaret at Hall Farm 1943 1943 People GS0818b
8 18 Portrait 1911 Mickle Trafford Cheshire Lines Station. Methodist trip to New Brighton 1911 People GS0818c
8 19 Portrait John Willis, DA Willis on the Little Roodee, Chester 1956 1956 People GS0819b
8 19 Portrait The last tram outside Chester General, driver Stewart of Hoole ? People GS0819c
8 19 Wedding Len Thomason marries Hilda George of Bradley, Whitchurch. Stan Thomason is Best Man ? People GS0819a
8 20 School Class No comment                      ? People GS0820a
8 20 School Class No comment                      ? People GS0820b
8 21 Portrait Mrs Heeley, Mr E Heeley, headmaster ? People GS0821b
8 21 School Class No comment                      ? People GS0821a
8 22 Portrait Claire & Peter Wolchslager,  Wyn and Ron Fletcher ? People GS0822a
8 22 Portrait Mothers Union 1915 1915 People GS0822b
8 23 Portrait 1st Guilden Sutton Girl Guides at camp. Lily Woodcock, Win Thomason, Gladys Machin, Dorothy Childs ? People GS0823a
8 23 Portrait Molly Jeffs as Rose Queen, Madge Colley, Methodist Garden Fete 1936? 1936 People GS0823b
8 23 Portrait Arthur Jenkins of Church Cottages taken by Methodist Church ? People GS0823c
8 24 Portrait Keith Bradley, Les wilson 1967 OAP bungalows, Arrowcroft Road. Xmas Day 1967 People GS0824a
8 24 Portrait DS Willis formerly of Hall Farm, Guilden Sutton and Mrs David Hughes and the collie, pictured at Meadow Lea House, Station Lane 1950? 1950 People GS0824b
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